Tank Lining

CSI uses proven concrete waterproofing and chemical containment products form the industries best in class suppliers. Concrete Solutions is certified in the use and application of these product lines from our manufacturer partners. Lining systems can be utilized to treat both new and in service concrete tanks and structures. We can also provide materials certified safe for potable drinking water systems.


Concrete Tank Waterproofing and Linings

Concrete Tanks used for potable water, fire suppression and waste water processing are not naturally waterproof or corrosion proof. Whether it be a non-soluble crystalline product that becomes part of the substrate or an exterior sealing product, if the concrete surface is not prepared properly before being put into service, premature failure of the concrete is inevitable. CSI studies each project and determines the optimum approach to surface prep based on site specific conditions such as system materials, existing concrete surface characteristics, humidity and other relative application conditions.



  • Corrosion Protection
  • Abrasion, Chemical Attack and Freeze-Thaw Protection
  • Moisture vapor transmission
  • Cost effective for the customer
  • Provides a permanent solution for fluid containment for the life span of the tank

Concrete protective liners combine the advantages of thermoplastics (flexible, ductile, no corrosion) with those of concrete (high strength, high stiffness).  Thus the concrete is protected effectively and the durability is increased.



  • Applicable for countless concrete structures
  • Absolute mechanical anchoring to the concrete structure
  • Bridging of cracks in the concrete
  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent shear resistance
  • Suitable for aggressive media (no corrosion)
  • Applicable within a wide temperature range
  • Long life expectancy
  • Low maintenance effort and easily cleanable
  • Easy and Safe installation
  • Available in UV resistant materials