Self-leveling systems for concrete floors offer numerous advantages.  They can correct uneven floors; repair damaged concrete, level existing surfaces and provide a smooth and durable new substrate for decorative flooring treatments.  


Self-leveling concrete underlayment’s are used to level uneven, grooved, and/or heavily pitted floors in order to make them stable, flat, level and suitable for installation of sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, hardwood or carpet.


Self-leveling concrete overlayments are suitable as decorative toppings for finished decorative floors.

A new breed of toppings has come to the market in the last decade. PC or Polished Concrete toppings. Concrete Solutions has been actively involved in the development and finishing of these durable overlayments. CSI is proud to be able to provide our clients with an unsurpassed finish and fitment with the application of PC toppings to existing concrete substrates.