Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors have history. Early Venetian workers produced floors from marble chips and clay which were sealed with goat’s milk and beeswax. Archaeologists have uncovered pristine floors that were constructed as early as 9000-8000 BC. Concrete is known for its qualities of being hard, reliable, durable, ecological and economic with the advantage of a long life cycle.


We have come a long way and the advent of today’s polished concrete came about quite by accident when in the late 1990’s a contractor utilized a dry polishing process to enhance a concrete floor.


Polished concrete involves the process of diamond grinding with successively finer grits, then transitioning to resin bonded diamonds with an application of a surface densifier and guard product.


The process of polishing hardens the surface by closing off the natural pores in the concrete.  Using densifiers and enhancers, polished concrete reduces dust, pits, stain, scares and tire marks while offering a high gloss shine.  Colours, logos and stencilling can be incorporated to create endless designs.  


Polished concrete combines the durability of concrete with the aesthetic appeal of natural stone.  Polished Concrete not only looks great, is easy to maintain and hardwearing, but is also environmentally friendly.


Polished Concrete is an excellent sustainable flooring option for Retail, Office, Industrial, Air Hangers, Warehouse and Commercial properties.