Epoxy Wall Coatings

Many industrial, commercial and institutional settings require heavy duty epoxy wall systems that can withstand chemical exposure, abrasion and impact. Other facilities need integral seamless finishes and easy-to-clean concrete walls and floors for better germ and pathogen control.


Our epoxy wall systems give you the wide range of benefits you need for easy cleaning, lasting aesthetics and powerful pathogen control, with benefits and features including:


  • Resistance to harsh cleaners, solvents, disinfectants, acids and alkalis
  • Highly abrasion and scratch resistant
  • Waterproof systems available
  • UV resistant and color stable
  • EPA-registered antimicrobial protection optional
  • Integral floor and wall surface for easy hose down
  • Ability to embed fiberglass for extra strength
  • Decorative chip blends to match any decor
  • Standard solid and custom colors available