Concrete Dyeing, Staining and Metallic Floors

Dye and Stain can transform dull grey floors into colourful decorative concrete masterpieces that resemble the look of marble, weathered leather, natural stone or seascape blues and greens.


Concrete stains are different from paint or coating systems. Paint or coating systems are applied on the surface of the concrete and are typically monochromatic.  A stain is a colouring process involving a reaction with a cementitious material.  A solution made with water and inorganic salts react with minerals already present in concrete, the result of the reaction is colour and variation. 


Solvent based dyes produce vibrant translucent colours.  They can be used to design geometric shapes and patterns on floors.


Benefits are non-fading and UV resistance, nominal environmental impact, quick return to service and very little energy used to produce and maintain. Suitable for application in high traffic areas.

Dyes and Stains

CSI offers concrete acid stains, water based and acetone dye systems. Acid staining creates a mottled, rustic effect on new or existing concrete surfaces. The rustic, aged-look colouring process emulates the look of weathered stone, slate & marble. The reaction of the acid and the minerals found in concrete result in a finish so unique, that it cannot be duplicated by other colouring methods. Dye systems appear to be a more uniform and solid in appearance yet remain transparent. Logos can be incorporated in a finished concrete floor and are very popular in many commercial applications. 


Micronized metallic pigments added to our 100% Solids Epoxy enable us to create a mottled, semi-transparent surface, similar to that of Acid Stains.


This Decorative Floor System can be manipulated with various application techniques to create distinctive one of a kind floors.